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Re: fullscreen apps (in X) - windowmanager support?

Quoting Noah L. Meyerhans (frodo@morgul.net):

> I don't think that's quite what Hugo was looking for.  I've run in to
> his problem myself, particularly with the game Maelstrom.  Maelstrom
> runs at 640x480.  Maximizing the window doesn't change that, you merely
> get a full-screen black window with a little 640x480 section in the
> center in which the game is displayed.  The only way to have the actual
> game take up the full screen is to change the display resolution to
> 640x480 and move the mouse around until the Maelstrom window is the only
> portion of the larger "virtual desktop" that can be seen.
> I don't think there's a better way to do this, as Hugo suspected.  If
> you could easily move the mouse using script commands, you could
> probably write something to parse the output of xwininfo and move the
> mouse to a corner of a given window.  But this doesn't help the problem
> of accidentally moving the mouse outside the window, causing the window
> to go flying off your screen as you scroll around your virtual desktop.

You could just run another X server at 640x480 on, say, VC8.


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