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Re: fullscreen apps (in X) - windowmanager support?

On Tue, Nov 14, 2000 at 04:35:12PM +0200, Hugo van der Merwe wrote:

> The best way (as far as I know the only way) to get an app to full
> screen in X, is to drop the resolution (assuming you have many modelines
> defined) to the resolution of the app, or the smalelst resolution a
> little larger, then to "position" the display correctly. The big problem
> is accidently moving the mouse, and thereby shifting the screen.

No.  Most window managers have a function, "Maximize", built into
them.  This will usually give you the window the full size of the
screen.  (You still have the mouse-off-the-edge problem: see more
below).  If Window Maker doesn't do that, AfterStep (which can be
visually similar and which supports most WM applets) certainly does,
and by default.  The AS deb in woody is pretty good (there are still
a few issues with menus that I haven't sorted out, but that could be
my fault, and I haven't spent any time on it), and it seems to work
just fine on potato.

> best size, lock the mouse cursor into the window, and if possible,

You can specify rules about mouse movement in several window managers
that will reduce tendency of the mouse to go out of the virtual
screen in which you are working.  Combined with maximization, that
will perhaps do what you want.  In AS, you could also bind a key to a
series of actions, and use that; one thing it might do is change your
"feel" file, which could restrict your mouse movement and change your
resolution if you really want that.  I haven't tried it, though.


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