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fullscreen apps (in X) - windowmanager support?


The best way (as far as I know the only way) to get an app to full
screen in X, is to drop the resolution (assuming you have many modelines
defined) to the resolution of the app, or the smalelst resolution a
little larger, then to "position" the display correctly. The big problem
is accidently moving the mouse, and thereby shifting the screen.

Some apps support locking the mouse into the window, some apps do all
this automatically. Is there a way to lock the mouse into a window
without that app specifically supporting it internally?

That would help a lot to begin with, but ultimately I'd like to
have/write a little program/script, possibly built into a window manager
(I'll temporarly switch to another WM if necessary, but I'd prefer
support for this in windowmaker ;), that, given a window handle or id or
whatever its called in X, will automatically drop the resolution to the
best size, lock the mouse cursor into the window, and if possible,
"position" the display correctly.

Any ideas?

Hugo van der Merwe

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