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soundcard log messages

I have a Soundblaster Live XGamer soundcard for which I have the alsa
drivers installed and working fine.  When I booted my computer this
morning, dmesg gives me the following two errors:

Nov 14 09:06:09 driver kernel: snd: card 1 is out of range (0-0)
Nov 14 09:06:09 driver kernel: snd: Ensoniq AudioPCI soundcard #1 not found or device busy

This is strange because 1) I have never seend the messages before and 
2) I don't have an Ensoniq AudioPCI soundcard.  The only thing I have
done is unplug the speakers from the soundcard and plug in a set of
headphones, but I have don't think this should have affected anything.
Does anyone know why I am seeing these messages and how I can get rid
of them?

Thanks in advance,

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