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Dynamic + static IP-address in /etc/network/interfaces

Hi all,

I've finally got a static IP address which I want to use instead of
the dynamic one I still get from my ISP via ppp. I thought it would be
best to bind the static address to the dummy interface, so my
/etc/network/interfaces looks like that:

   auto lo dummy
   iface lo inet loopback
   iface dummy inet static

and my /etc/hosts:	localhost	wabe.germanistik.uni-bonn.de		wabe

Mostly, this works, I can ping localhost and wabe
successfully. Unfortunately, not all details seems to be OK. Whereas
being able to access http://localhost with Netscape, Links and Lynx,
this is not possible with neither w3m, Galeon nor Skipstone (bare
mozilla works). w3m won't access the index page at all, but Galeon and
Skipstone show the page, but can't access any local links when
offline. When online, all three browsers are working as they should.

I think something is wrong in my setup. Any hints?

Greetings and thanks,

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