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Re: VI probs

%% Stefan Janecek <s.janecek@hlphys.uni-linz.ac.at> writes:

  sj> Whats called 'vi' in suse is actually vim. do 'apt-get install vim
  sj> vim-rt' and use vim to edit your files - it should behave like vi
  sj> on suse...

Just a note: you don't need to use the command "vim" to edit your files.

When you install VIM, Debian will use the alternatives functionality to
set the "vi" alternative to point to "vim".  So, you can just continue
to use the "vi" command.

If that doesn't happen, use "update-alternatives --config vi" to pick
the alternative you like--I can't remember when the alternatives are set
for you and when you have to do it by hand.

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