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Re: Ring0

On Mon, 13 Nov 2000, Marcin Januchta wrote:

> Hi! I'm not really sure if I should be sending this mail to you...
	OK, you're not being offensive.
> Anyway - I got here, because I told AltaVista to for anything about
> Ring-0. As far as I know, it's something that's blocking
> programmer-amatour acces to Win98 memory.
	You've hit the hard core of the Linux users, and while we support
the emulation of Microsoft software, we don't support Microsoft. 
>   I'd like to ask, if you could help me out with that? If the anser is
> 'No' - OK, i'll understand - but I surely won't be too happy about
> it....
	Look at www.gnu.org for good information on why and how Free
Software exists.
	Look at www.linux.org to find out what Linux is.
	Look at www.hurd.org to find out what HURD is.
	Look at www.debian.org to find out why I describe Debian as the
hard core.
	Note that all the above organisations are ".org" and not
".com". These are not companies, they're voluntary organisations to help
you use your computer, in as free and open a manner asd possible.  That we
believe free software is a necessary and good thing is nice, but you might
be amused that quite a few who do not agree with free software as a method
in the abstract nontheless agree that in some bumbling manner Linux has
become a superior product. You can be a part of this. Or not, it's up to
	It isn't easy yet. It is a hellacious learning curve. I think it's
worth it. Check it out.

Ed Craig	 epcraig@efn.org
Taxi (I need an income)			GNU/Linux (I can afford a Free OS)
Think this through with me, let me know your mind...	Hunter/Garcia

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