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Re: VI probs

Grischa Schuering <Schuering@inity.de> writes:
GS> I just changed from SUSE to Debian and kind of have problems with
GS> the VI.  When in INSERT mode I used to see that from the status
GS> line below, now there isnt anything. Also Delete isn't working as
GS> before, also when using the cursor keys, always the INSERT mode
GS> discontinues...
GS> Any way of changing that ??

You're probably used to a distribution that installs vim as the
standard vi.  Debian by default uses nvi, which is smaller, faster,
less featureful, and acts almost exactly like every other "standard"
vi.  You might try installing the vim and vim-rt packages, and using
'vim' instead of 'vi'.  (Or, alternatively, adjust the alternatives so 
that vim is your standard vi.)

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