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.deb (II)

Hi to all!

On Sat, 11 Nov 2000 00:43:16 -0500, Valius wrote:

>or use alien (I believe it should be in your RedHat distribution) and
>``alienize'' .debs to .rpms 

I would like to know if alien can be user to obtain a .deb from a .rpm. If
this is the case, what happens with the
directories were, after installation, files are installed? I mean RH may
use some directories and Debian anothers. How compares an "alienized"
(.rpm --> .deb) version of a program with an original .deb version? After
install both of them work equally fine? Both versions can be updated using

Thanks in advance for the answers!

Regards from Rio,

Marcelo Chiapparini

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