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Re: .deb (II)

Marcelo Chiapparini <chiappa@centroin.com.br> writes:
MC> I would like to know if alien can be user to obtain a .deb from a
MC> .rpm.


MC> If this is the case, what happens with the directories were, after
MC> installation, files are installed? I mean RH may use some
MC> directories and Debian anothers.

Nothing happens.  This means that the Alienized Debian package might
have files strewn about in strange places like /etc/rc.d/init.d that
"normal" Debian packages ignore.

MC> How compares an "alienized" (.rpm --> .deb) version of a program
MC> with an original .deb version? After install both of them work
MC> equally fine?

Debian has reasonably strict policies about how a package should look
and where files go.  Red Hat's policies are different, and tend to be
less strictly obeyed.  An Alienized package will probably work, but it 
might not be a great fit with the rest of your system.

MC> Both versions can be updated using apt-get?

You're probably not going to be able to install a package you used
Alien to create with apt-get, but dpkg can handle it just fine.

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