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package AND source : how ?

Recently I upgraded to potato (from slink). There were dependency
problems with Python packages (and related programs).

The first error message was about a missing libtk8.3.so .
However, tk8.3 _was not_ in .deb packages, so I installed it from

It went to /usr/local/lib . 

However, the python-base package required it from /lib, so I created
a symlink to it from /usr/local/lib .

My questions:

- is it the proper way of using .deb packages and sources together?
  (making symlinks)

- what if I install Python 2.0 from source? Will it destroy the
  .deb installed Python 1.5.2 ? Or will it go into a different
  directory, and I should create symlinks??

- how do you use .deb packages together with other software
  (installed from source)?

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