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Re: latex question

Manuel Hendel <Manuel.Hendel@easygolucky.de> wrote:

> I'm looking for a latex file like g-brief.cls which is especialy for
> business letters. What I need to do is to define the footnote by
> myself. Can anyone give me a hint.

I don't know about g-brief, but the "brief" class (in package
ntgclass) enables titled footers. For instance, the command
\voetitem{bankaccount}{1234567890} results in a foot item titled

I need to write many letters, and therefore I made my own
class file, hitlnl.cls, derived from brief. It has four footers, and
lists essentially as follows:

\ProvidesClass{hitlnl}[1999/10/31 Fist, beta, version]
\voetitem{\textsc{kvk} utrecht:}{6789012}
\ondertekening{Paul Huygen}
\renewcommand{\briefhoofd}{ **fancy header for the letter**}
\newcommand{\vg}{Yours sincerely,}

Creating a letter is now very simple:

\begin{brief}{Mr. Doe \\ street nr \\ city}
\opening{Dear Mr. Doe,}
This is a very short letter.

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