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Re: Compiled debs are upgraded

On Tue, Nov 07, 2000 at 02:24:23PM +0100, Joachim Trinkwitz wrote:
> "Sean 'Shaleh' Perry" <shaleh@valinux.com> writes:
> > interesting, replacing it with the same version.  Odd.
> Same here with gmc -- after an 'apt-get --compile source gmc' another
> 'apt-get upgrade' will replace my newly compiled package with the same
> version.

I've found that it affects the same packages on both my home and work
machines.  It's either a subtle bug in dpkg-dev, only triggered by
certain packaging arrangements, or in apt-get - which I think is more
likely.  Not sure how to word the bug report.  

Not a brand new problem, though - search the archives on "Package
compilation madness" for some more on this.


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