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Re: sed question (bibtex problem)

>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Reuter <reuter@Uni-Hohenheim.DE> writes:

    Daniel> It should work from command line using bash's multiline
    Daniel> input capability (with the '). It checks for % at the end
    Daniel> of lines (hence the $), then reads the next line into the
    Daniel> buffer and then removes the %\n sequence (I don't quite
    Daniel> understand, why sed can't do it with the one-liner you
    Daniel> mentioned, but I guess there's a good reason).  Regards,
    Daniel> Daniel

Thanks! That is just what I wanted...

Now - how do I put this into a Makefile?

I found out how to put the command on one line:

sed '/%$/{ N; s/%\n//; }' report.bbl >new

which works from zsh, but not make:

sed '/%{ N; s/%\n//; }' report.bbl > report.bbl.new
sed: -e expression #1, char 10: Unknown command: ``%''
make: *** [report.dvi.stamp] Error 1

Oh, I see the problem - the $/ bit has been removed (by make). How do I
get this to work?  No - \$/ just becomes \
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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