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OT: gecko rendering engine and galeon/skipstone

Hello there,

After all this discussion recently on the list about opera for linux and
galeon/skipstone, I looked at the galeon/skipstone webpages. So a question
came to my mind:
They both use the gecko rendering engine from Mozilla. They both need a
full install of Mozilla on the machine to work (this is a lot of overhead
on a small harddisk, considering the fact, that you perhaps are not able 
to use Mozilla, if you have small amount of RAM, but you may be able to
use galeon/skipstone - so Mozilla would take up several Megs of
diskspace, just to provide the rendering engine). 
Wouldn't it be possible to take just the gecko engine and incorporate it
into a new light weight browser, so there would be no need to have Mozilla
Why don't the developers of galeon/skipstone follow this approach?
Anybody knowing of a browser doing this?


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