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Re: New X Server crashes

I wrote:

MAS> Okay, it appears to be working now.

Well, more or less.  Everything runs fine with `startx', but I'm
having some peculiar difficulties with xdm.  Specifically,

1. xdm now takes over a minute from when the daemon is started, either
   by init or manually, to when the login widget appears.  Is this
   normal now, or is there anything I can do to speed it up?

2. Does anyone have any clue what could cause an xdm-started X server
   to use a different video mode than an xinit-started X server?
   Because that's what it's doing.  I copied a 1152x864 mode line from
   my old XF86Config file, and it works fine with startx, but when run
   from xdm, the X server reverts to 1024x768.


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