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Re: machine hangs, etc. (fwd)

Philipp Schulte <p.schulte@matrix.uni-duisburg.de> writes:

> On Sun, Oct 15, 2000 at 07:21:22PM -0700, Krzys Majewski wrote: 
> > Yeah, I took out the CPU last night, removed the custom cooler 
> > I put on last week, and put the stock cooler back, smearing some
> > standard white heatsink compound on the contact area. 
> > The BIOS says ~35 C, which sounds OK to me. 
> Never trust faulty BIOSes ;)
> A friend of mine had to disable Hardware-Monitoring in his BIOS
> because it was assuming wrong things and wanted to shutdown the
> System!
> Did you touch the CPU and check if your fingers start to become a
> little bit red, later black? 

The CPU  heatsink is not too  hot to touch  now, though it was  when I
unplugged  the CPU fan  (which didn't  seem to  affect the  halting at

> More important: What kind of CPU and what kind of board are we talking
> about? 

Pentium III 500E on  a QDI Advance 5 mobo.  It's not  a linux thing --
hangs under DOS as  well. This machine hung a few times  the day I got
it.  I thought  this was a software thing  (seti@home). Then it didn't
hang at  all for  a good  month or two.  Then two  weeks ago  it hung,
embarrassing me  greatly ("this is my always-working  linux box.  erh,
let's  see, something's not  right.."). Then  on Saturday  about three
hours after I  plugged in my new monitor it hung,  and hung again, and
again, and again.  Now it hangs consistently within an  hour or two of
bootup, and a few minutes after waking up from APM suspend.

> Do you have the correct Core-Voltage enabled? 

Dunno, how can I tell? The CMOS  setup did get nuked at one point after
I power cycled the machine while it was, and I manually
reset the things that looked wrong  (CPU speed, etc.). This was a long
time ago though. 

Latest update:  booted into  DOS this morning  (from a floppy,  no HDD
involved). Came home this evening  and it had hung, albeit without the
"division overflow" message that I saw last time. 


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