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Win 95 like GUI

Hi all,

i'm using Debian 2.2.....havent been able to get a GUI
that I like...also not sure about the fonts,etc....so
i need to test it with a GUI that I'm familiar
with....the Win 95 GUI.....I have once seen a linux
box which had a GUI exactly like Win 95.......i mean
like exactly like it......was that GNOME or KDE?? and
which Window Manager, theme....please let me
know....also where can i get the .deb modules for
it.....I've tried GNOME with Enlightenment, Sawmill
(which is pretty nice but still not as good as WIn),
IceWM (this is supposed to be like Win but not
exactly), fvwm, qvwm, twm....not liked any in
particular yet.....which GUI are u using??? Please let
me know dude so I can move onto better things in

P.S Thanks Noah for responding to a previous query I had

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