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Re: Win 95 like GUI

On Fri, 13 Oct 2000, Jatin Golani wrote:

> Hi all,
> i'm using Debian 2.2.....havent been able to get a GUI
> that I like...also not sure about the fonts,etc....so
> i need to test it with a GUI that I'm familiar
> with....the Win 95 GUI.....I have once seen a linux
> box which had a GUI exactly like Win 95.......i mean
> like exactly like it......

You were probably looking at fvwm95. Red Hat used it for a year or so. But
I think you are going to be disappointed in your search for a GUI that is
_exactly_ like Win95, or even close.

The most robust GUI on Linux today is KDE. And the most satisfying
deployment of KDE is what you will find on either Mandrake or SuSE Linux.

So, if a sophisticated GUI is your priority as well as the quickest start
on Linux, forget about Debian for the present and go with one of these

You may come back to Debian later when your priorities change.

Dwight Johnson

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