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Re: http port open?? how can that be?

[2000-10-13] William Jensen wrote:
> I do not have apache installed, nmap localhost does not show http
> being open, however, if I go to a friends machine and nmap my ip it
> shows http being open.  Also grc.com's port probe shows http being
> open.  Thing is I just don't see how this is possible considering I'm
> running iptables and the default policy is drop.  Anyone have any
> ideas what could be sneaking and letting port 80 open?

For issues such as this, the first thing you should do is install the
lsof package (version dependent on your kernel) then run (as root)
  # lsof -i
this will show you which programs have net ports open.

Sometimes where "phantom" ports appear to be open when checking externally
this is due to a network provider using transparent proxying on ports
(this is usually limited to 25 and 80 - redirecting to an approved relay
and dedicated web proxy respectively).

Lee Maguire <lee@hexkey.co.uk> "traveling at the speed of time"

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