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community access points

Hello all,

I'm using Debian to create "community access points" (caps) -- a
computer open to the public with web browsers, ftp clients, pdf
viewers etc etc.  I'm targetting 486's because so many of these get
donated to non-profits around the city.

I've had fun configuring my machine to fire up an X session and a
terminal session when kicked into runlevel 5.  I've also had fun
trying out various window managers so that windows (and mac) users can
easily use the machine.

Now I'd like to make my tweaks easily installed by other users.  The
first obvious thing for me to do would be to make some debian packages
so that people can install them on a running debian machine.  Then I
started to think about the installation process.  Given a 486 with a
350MB (or less) hardrive, we're probably not going to install some of
the default packages (tetex, emacs, gcc, etc etc).  So, I was
wondering if I can somehow make a list of "cap" packages, and thus
change the default install to something else?

Any thoughts/suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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