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A conio for Borland C under Linux


I promised to try to find Linux conio for Borland. I found it in my
archives. It is a 1996 reimplementation of conio for Linux, for
Borland C of that date, but you might be able to make it work.  If
you do, please send me your hacks, or let me know if it does work
for you. 

It is redistributable under gpl2. It isn't a debian package. It is a
gzipped tar file that extracts ok. 

CAVEATS: I have NOT tried to use this and I have NOT compiled it. 
(Not recently enough that I remember it, anyways.) 

Lots of luck with this.


On Fri, 13 Oct 2000, Dan Pomohaci wrote:

> Do you know if there are C libraries who mimic Borland Turbo C
> specific libraries (conio, etc.) in Linux (a Debian package will be
> better :-).
> At school my daughter use Borland C and I don't want to install
> Windows on my computer only for that. Beside emacs is a better tools
> for programming than Borland IDE :-)
> Thanks,
> Dan
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