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[OT] Re: Debian Australian mirror @ mirror.aarnet

Quoth Andrew J Cosgriff, 
> Yes, Monash mirrors from AARNet.
> I used to look after the Linux mirroring when I worked at Monash (I
> left last June) - I set it up originally to mirror from the US, but
> when mirror.aarnet.edu.au got started I was persuaded to mirror from
> them.

While I wasn't able to help with the specific question that spawned this
thread, it's reassuring to see this amount of support/interest in debian
in the Australian accademic (including student) community. It also
serves to remind us what a fantastic resource mirror.aarnet.edu.au is to
those of us which access to it!

While I'm in a position of no importance (just another starving PhD
student), and not even in a field related to computer science
(Criminology), I'm happy that those who are are aware of Debian.

> On my Telstra ADSL link, I see this :

That's obviously why you left Monash - If you can afford Telstra ADSL,
you're obviously a billionaire :)



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