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Re: OT: Re: Qs from a newbie (help ASAP?) (long)

Wayne Topa wrote:
> You have Linux running on that Kaypro (Z80)?

No, sorry :( I don't think a multitasking OS would be very useful on
it.  Know any good terminal
programs for a Z80? :-)

> How about an SWT 8080 with 16K (circa 1977) as I recall.
> Those were that days of CP/M, before Gates bought/stole it and named it dos.

yea the Kaypro II ran CP/M (the 64K was the maximum addressable)

> I do have a router running on a 386sx w/12 Meg of Ram but that is old
> hat to anyone who has seen the Linux Router Project.

unfortunately running bind, slapd, ssh, nfsd, and masquerading a (small)
LAN over a aDSL line is a little
(rather?) stressful for the poor 486DX-33 (with 16MB ram, and 2 ISA NE2K
NICs). Especially when I have
to use apt on it.


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