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RE: Re: Qs from a newbie (help ASAP?) (long)

	<in a northern england accent>
	Luxury.  When I were a lad I had to run a webserver on a ZX81,
	without even a 16K RAM Pack.  I 'ad to load all me data from C90 
	audio tapes and play'em over t'phone to me users.

	Mike Fedyk wrote:
	> Erin Lewy wrote:
	> > Okay. Here's the deal. The poor machine was an ANCIENT P75
running (I didn't
	> Ancient, huh?  How bout a 486 DX2 66, or a 486 DX4 100?  That's
what I have at
	> home as my firewall. :)
	how about a 486DX-33? or a Kaypro II (bet you never heard of it!
shame i
	has 64k of memory, and no HD)

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