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Re: Help with mouse - newbie

Casey Henderson wrote:
> Hello,
>   Thank you so much for the help! I was able to install vim, and it
> works great.  I don't know why vi doesn't work.  I don't believe there
> were any problems installing the base system, and we used it during the
> install to set up X, and then it seems to have just vanished.  Another
> weird thing that I have noticed is that some commands in shell scripts
> do not work.  For example, whenever a script tries to execute an 'id'
> command or a 'wc' command, it says "command not found", and whenever a
> 'test' command is used, it says "integer expression expected".  I
> wonder if perhaps my base system is messed up after all? Any thoughts
> or suggestions?

install the packages  textutils and shellutils for wc and id. sounds
you did a pretty bare installation my installs i usually max everything
it ends up around 450MB after installing all the tasks i use.

>   Here is the Pointer section of my XF86Config file:
> Section "Pointer"
>    Protocol        "IntelliMouse"
>    Device          "/dev/mouse"
>    BaudRate        1200
>    Emulate3Timeout 480
>    SampleRate      150
>    Resolution      200
>    Buttons         3
>    Emulate3Buttons
> EndSection

check what /dev/mouse is it should go to /dev/psaux, also make sure gpm
is not loaded do /etc/init.d/gpm stop or if you dont want/need gpm do
apt-get remove gpm.  if it still doesnt work try changing the protocol
to PS/2 or IMPS/2 ..if it still doesnt work then post again :)


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