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Help with mouse - newbie

  I'm a new Debian user.  I have used Redhat for quite a long time and
I just switched over to Debian.  I'm excited about learning all its
features (particularly the cool package management program).  A friend
helped me install Debian 2.2 (potato) and we got everything up and
running fine. I have lots of questions, but my main problem is that my
mouse will not work in X windows or in a console. It worked when we
installed X, but when I rebooted, it won't work anymore. Can somebody
help me get it working?  I have a Microsoft Intellimouse on a PS/2
port.  I also need to know how to install packages from off the CD
ROMs, because vi is not installed and I have no way of editing
configuration files.  Thank you. 


Casey Henderson

"If the Lord wanted us to all be the same, he'd have given us all
braces on our legs."


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