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Re: Onboard NIC problem

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far way, someone said...

> I have Debian Potato 2.2 with Gnome running on this PC
> with an on board NIC.
> The motherboard is a PR440BX with 2 Ppro CPU's w/256 MB RAM
> and 2 scsi drive's I have win 2000 on /dev/sda and Debian on /dev/sdb
> Debian found the onboard Scsi Controller but not the NIC or 2nd CPU
> the 2nd CPU isn't important( Linux works great with one Ppro)

You'll need to recompile the kernel to get the 2nd CPU working.

> The Nic comes up in 2000 as intel 8255x-10/100 io=ff40-ff5f irg=24(huh)
> but in modconf I can't find a driver for it or I'm missing something.

The driver eepro100 might work.

What's the output of '/sbin/lspci -v'?

> If someone could shed some light on this It would be greatly appreciated

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