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Re: mounting /home?

It depends on whether your  /home dir is an independent
partition, or it is under root dir ("/").

1. If seperate partition:

a) Just ensure that you do not re-initialise this part-
   ition during re-installation.  Just  mount it as  an
   "existing partition" without re-initialisation.
b) Your fstab need not be tinkered any further, except
   for adding floppy, cd-rom, DOS partitions etc.

2. If /home is under "/" (root partition):

a) Though it is strongly advised  that you should  re-
   initialise / and /usr, you may not be in a position
   to do so since contents of /home will be lost.There
   maybe other dirs under / which you want to preserve.
   Just do a rm -rf on the directories that need to be  
   re- written and re-install over the old thing with-
   out re-initialising  or formatting  the "/"  (root) 
b) I have successfully re-installed even seperate dis-
   tros by above technique.I just delete the following
   dirs and re-install:
   /bin, /boot, /dev, /lib, /lost+found, /proc, /root,
   /sbin, /tmp, /var
   [I know it is a bad idea not to seperate things like
   /lib, /var etc. in separate partitions,  but my home
   comp has four OSs and I do not have much luxuries on 
   this score]
   Normally I move my /root dir (rather than delete) so
   that my dot files and other  configurations of  root 
   can be re-used. I also save copies of important /etc
   files like  profile,  fstab,  wvdial.conf etc before
   doing a re-installation.
   My /usr is a seperate partition.  I always  store my
   /usr/local subdir in another partition before  doing
   a re-initialisation/ format of /usr,  and  copy this
   back later. 

 USM Bish
On Sun, Oct 01, 2000 at 02:13:08PM -0700, Dale Morris wrote:
> This is probably embarassingly simple, but I'd better ask.. I'm thinking
> of doing a reinstall of 2.2 and would like to use my existing /home
> directory. That will allow me to keep lots of existing info. I tried
> this once before w/ Redhat but it didn't work right after the reinstall.
> Do I just do a regular install *not* mounting the /home partition? After
> the install, how do I get the /home partion mounted? Can I just copy my
> /etc/fstab file and /home will mount automatically?
> thanks

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