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Re: debian: dos2unix and unix2dos utilities.

Solution 1:
   By all probabilities you have it installed on our system
   already.  In case you have a  standard workstation model
   installed both  dos2unix and unix2dos  should be in your
   /usr/bin dir.
Solution 2:
   In case not, check if you have recode installed (Should
   be there by default installation).In which case add the
   following lines to your /etc/profile, or .profile,  and  
   you have the same commands available to you:

   alias unix2dos='recode lat1..ibmpc'
   alias dos2unix='recode ibmpc..lat1'
Solution 3:
   Usually for most Linux users, it is dos2unix, which is
   the main problem.  DOS edit, and few other editors can
   read  unix text files and puts in an  ASCII 13  during
   saving, and the unix2dos functions therefore more of a
   conceived requirement than otherwise.  This little two 
   liner bash  script using the  "tr" programs will  do a 
   dos2unix text file conversion.

   Note: Save as d2u and do a "chmod +x d2u" and place it
   along default path (e.g. /usr/local/bin) for use.
   [ -z $1 ] && 
       { echo "d2u - converts DOS text to Unix."; echo \ 
         "Syntax: d2u (dosfile) unixfile"; exit } 

       cat $1|tr -d '\015' 


Solution 4:
   Use a dedicated program.  Willing to mail you  source
   tarball as PMO (Personal Mail Only)

USM Bish

On Mon, Oct 02, 2000 at 10:48:23AM +1100, Brendan J Simon wrote:
> Are there any dos2unix and unix2dos command line utilities in any of the
> debian pacages ???
> I've done an "apt-cache search ..." but can't find anything suitable.
> Thanks,
> Brendan Simon.

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