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pppd vs ipppd

We've got ISDN at home with a debian box as the gateway running pppd.
This is working well, but I noticed a package called ipppd, specifically
for isdn. Currently we use the on-demand and auto-terminate features
seeing as we have to pay a phone bill in the UK :( over a single isdn

What have people's experiences been of ipppd, and does it support these

Also, how easy is it to set up channel bonding using ipppd?

Thanks in advance,

Gareth Bowker                     |  tgb96@aber.ac.uk
PhD Research Student              |  http://users.aber.ac.uk/tgb96/
Space Robotics Team               |  Office: (01970) 622403
University of Wales, Aberystwyth  |  Mobile: (07971) 219986

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