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UDMA100 support?

Can anyone tell me if UDMA100 support is available or will be
available anytime soon?  I am trying to do an install to such a
machine.  I found the UDMA66 kernel, but the install program (loadlin)
complained that no disks were detected.

Any help will be appreciated.  Replies to this list, and a cc to 
victor@meadgroup.com.  Many thanks in advance.

If it matters, I am running the following hardware:
AMD Athlon 850 TBird
512Mb PC133 SDRAM
ASUS A7V socket A KT133 main board
30GB IBM 7200rpm UDMA100 hard drive
various peripherals


Victor Cassen
(206) 658-0200

Live to Thump, Thump to Live.

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