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Re: PGP and Mutt


On Fri, 8 Sep 2000 kmself@ix.netcom.com wrote:

> If it helps, my .muttrc is attached.  Note that I've got gpg, not pgp,
> installed.  I'd recommend you use the same.  There is only one tag in my
> muttrc which appears relevant, that's the "pgp_autosign" hook.

I've got a bit of a followup question.  It's regarding verifying or
decrypting signed or encrypted messages.  I'm having a horrible time
getting valid signatures from messages that are signed by mutt's built-in
gpg/pgp support.

Say I'm using one of the many mailers that doesn't support gpg
integration, so I need to save the message and key to disk and use gpg
manually to check the signatures.  What parts of the message are signed,
though???  for example, in Karsten's email, there were 3 message
sections: the text, the attached .muttrc, and the gpg sig.  So I save the
message and key to my home dir, download the key, and run gpg on the
key.  It asks me for the file name, which I provide.  To this it responds
that they signature is invalid.

I've been trying to send myself signed message with the same
results.  I've read mutt's included docs, which didn't help me at
all.  Have you got any suggestions???

I must say, the old style of handling pgp/gpg with the inline sigs and
stuff worked much better for me.  What are the advantages of sending the
key as an attachment instead of inline?


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