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Re: filtering out ads

On Thu, Aug 31, 2000 at 12:24:37PM -0400, hawk wrote:
> > Thanks to both for my banner-free browsing.
> > GAT - Gif Animation Toggle - is another great browsing plus.
> Is there one of these for linux, or do you mean as a browser feature?  
> so far, the only way I've encountered on linux is to edit the 
> executable to change the name of the string that causes animation to 
> something that will never be encountered.

GAT is a binary which does this edit for you.  It toggles the state of
the string.  I found it after reading through the Junkbuster FAQ, which
mentions animated gifs.  I've used it on several versions of Netscape
Navigator, and even Mozilla, though you have to run it on the gif object
file, not the Mozilla binary itself.  In Mozilla it affects *all*
animated gifs, including several associated with the application GUI
itself (load bar, logo/lizard animation, etc.).

The hand edit is the equivalent.

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