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Re: 'menu' package : question : console support ? ; mailing-lists

On Wed, Aug 30, 2000 at 06:26:15AM -0700, Sean Champ wrote:
> if the debian 'menu' package [
> http://www.debian.org/doc/packaging-manuals/menu.html/ ] does offer
> console-support , this email can probably be disregarded.

Well, i don't believe menu has a non-command-line interface at all. It
just creates menus for other apps to work with. Sean 'Shaleh' Perry
explains this in more detail.

> ( on a tangent is a question that has been pending for a while, here.
> 	would people like|support a (probably, very minor) degree of regulated
> parliamentary procedure, on the mailing-lists?

Considering how much trouble some people seem to have with just
unsubscribing, i don't see how you could get them to follow a procedure.
In general, the volume of newbies on this list will demolish any attempt
to impose order...

> 	- bug-report ( debian-bugs ? )
Go to the bug tracking system (see the website). There's no use in
even posting messages saying that the bug has been reported and is being
worked on, people will continue to ask "is this a bug?" for weeks after
it's fixed.

> 	- request-for-feature
File it as a wishlist bug, or contact the upstream maintainer.

> 	- intent-to-package ( to be directed to debian-devel , no?)
This is discussed in the developer documentation, and doesn't affect
debian-user at all.

> 	- usage-question
> 	- general question
This seems the difference between "what command does X" and "how do i do
X with foo" (which usually brings about suggestions of using bar, baz,
and qux as well). It'd be more useful IMNSHO to just convince people to
come up with informative subject lines.

>       - others?
Offtopic? Convince people to add "OT:" to the subject line, as most
mailers add "Re:" now. And teach people how to change subject lines when
the topic drifts, to use "compose new message" instead of "reply" when
necessary, and in general to use mailers that don't break threads.

That's just my $1.50 (damn inflation)

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