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'menu' package : question : console support ? ; mailing-lists


if the debian 'menu' package [
http://www.debian.org/doc/packaging-manuals/menu.html/ ] does offer
console-support , this email can probably be disregarded.

( having a need to stay booted to ms-w right now, i can't check this myself,
yet. also, the following.... )

if it ('menu') doesn't offer console-only support:

 this email will hopefully be taken as a request for that feature, and as a
presentation to the forum for the opening of discussion about how some
console-support could be implemented.

( on a tangent is a question that has been pending for a while, here.

	would people like|support a (probably, very minor) degree of regulated
parliamentary procedure, on the mailing-lists?

	, and i'm not meaning anything like what might be used by the freemasons or
congress or the UN, by that.  but it seems like there would be a few general
classifications of mailing-list traffic:

	- request-for-feature
	- intent-to-package ( to be directed to debian-devel , no?)
	- bug-report ( debian-bugs ? )
	- usage-question
	- general question
	- others?

... and certain ways that a list-post of each type would be handled.

( and the option to develop some software-ish things to handle the posting and
managing of such list-posts )

and this should maybe be stated in a seperate email, but i like to present it
when there's an example of something that it seems relevant to.  namely, the
intent of this email . also, kind of like pinging people with the idea, to see
what comes back in-reply.


if 'menu' does not have console-support yet, here are some initial ideas about
how this might be implemented. 

feel free to disregard the following if your time is short and|or if you're not
a developer and|or if you're not interested in it, but i'm still working my way
into development, and would like to hear what some experienced people would have
to say about the following, time-allowing . 

( ... 'community'  . )

1)  i'd installed the 'screen' package. it seems like this might be used as a
route towards implementing a console-based menu system. 

	a) problem-issues:

		1) something about the way the screen would flash at times.
			("ech" and a feeling of something that might be
				fishy in or about the code or 
				method-of-implementation . )
	 	2)  i don't know how to rate 'screen' on resource-usage,
			or if it might have any other problems that i'm
			not yet aware of.


2) i know that there are already some console-based menu systems that have been
developed. saw one of them somewhere in the debian package-tree. ( as well as
suggestions on what their names are ... it was a while ago that i saw them ) any
help with deciding about which is the better of the options, would be

3)  the following tasks would seem to be worth inclusion 
	as functions accessible via a menu-system:

		-- mailing-list posting, 
			categorized by the purpose of the post

		-- package-management, probably just something
			to start-up dselect, but maybe otherwise.

		-- system-management. 

			(e.g.: easy access to config-files,
			   as a means for the new user to get acquainted
			   with "what's where" and "which files
			   and paths are for what purposes" )

		-- help-doc access. maybe just an interface to
			dhelp. maybe otherwise.

			( when 'otherwise' is meant kind of like a stub-code
				for some pending reports, proposals, 
				and work  )

		-- debian-tips , when that finally gets developed
			and released.

		-- maybe something for new-users. sort of an ("interactive")
			walk-through, towards familiarizing someone with the 
			Linux environment.

		and a 'debian-devel' module to handle things like:

		-- debian-rules 

		-- CVS-functions

		-- (insert-[helpful|time-saving]-thing-here)

		(  I still haven't made it throughly
		   into debian-devel, packaging, and updating
		   of out-of-date packages. ( pppoe , for example ) .
		   i don't know what's out there for development-tools, 
		   yet. )

...and that might be enough, for now.

hoping that the statement, "feel free to disregard the following", was enough to
keep this from seeming like some excessive text,


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