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RE: 'menu' package : question : console support ? ; mailing-lis

On 30-Aug-2000 Sean Champ wrote:
> hi.
> if the debian 'menu' package [
> http://www.debian.org/doc/packaging-manuals/menu.html/ ] does offer
> console-support , this email can probably be disregarded.
> ( having a need to stay booted to ms-w right now, i can't check this myself,
> yet. also, the following.... )
> if it ('menu') doesn't offer console-only support:
>  this email will hopefully be taken as a request for that feature, and as a
> presentation to the forum for the opening of discussion about how some
> console-support could be implemented.

menu only supports the creation of menu files.  It is up to packagers to supply
scripts to make menus for their programs.  There is a console package called
pdmenu which will read the Debian menu system.

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