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Re: kernel-package concept question

On Wed, Aug 30, 2000 at 08:55:35AM +0200, Erik van der Meulen wrote:
> Also, I have assumed that if I make modifications to the kernel
> configuration, I should use the revision scheme to make a next kernel.
> This is the point where I assumed that again the pcmcia modules should
> be rebuild to accompany the new kernel module. So I went ahead and made:
>   kernel-image-2.2.17_dell.0.2+i386.deb
>   pcmcia-modules-2.2.17_3.1.8-16+dell.0.2_i386.deb
> It has been suggested in a previous post that the pcmcia should have
> been left alone. Now my question is, when is it required to rebuild that?

AFAIK, it didn't hurt anything to rebuild the pcmcia modules even if not
needed. My strategy would be to just rebuild them every time i changed
the kernel.

If nothing else, then the version numbers will match ;)

> At this point, I am left in a situation where I am unable to install the
> 0.2 kernel.deb because (as it seems to me) I also did the pcmcia. The
> message reads:
>    eme_lap:/usr/src# dpkg -i kernel-image-2.2.17_dell.0.2_i386.deb 
>    dpkg: regarding kernel-image-2.2.17_dell.0.2_i386.deb containing
>    kernel-image-2.2.17:
>    pcmcia-modules-2.2.17 conflicts with kernel-image-2.2.17 (>> dell.0.1)
>    kernel-image-2.2.17 (version dell.0.2) is to be installed.
>    dpkg: error processing kernel-image-2.2.17_dell.0.2_i386.deb
>    (--install):
>    conflicting packages - not installing kernel-image-2.2.17
>    Errors were encountered while processing:
>    kernel-image-2.2.17_dell.0.2_i386.deb
> Does anyone have an idea how to get around this?

Just install both in the same dpkg invocation. In this example, foo
depends on bar of the same version, and conflicts with bars of higher

=== start ===
  # dpkg -i foo_1_i386.deb bar_1_i386.deb 
  Selecting previously deselected package foo.
  (Reading database ... 65813 files and directories currently
  Unpacking foo (from foo_1_i386.deb) ...
  Selecting previously deselected package bar.
  Unpacking bar (from bar_1_i386.deb) ...
  Setting up bar (1) ...

  Setting up foo (1) ...

  # dpkg -i bar_2_i386.deb 
  dpkg: regarding bar_2_i386.deb containing bar:
   foo conflicts with bar (>> 1)
     bar (version 2) is to be installed.
  dpkg: error processing bar_2_i386.deb (--install):
   conflicting packages - not installing bar
  Errors were encountered while processing:
  # dpkg -i foo_2_i386.deb bar_2_i386.deb 
  (Reading database ... 65820 files and directories currently
  Preparing to replace foo 1 (using foo_2_i386.deb) ...
  Unpacking replacement foo ...
  Preparing to replace bar 1 (using bar_2_i386.deb) ...
  Unpacking replacement bar ...
  Setting up bar (2) ...

  Setting up foo (2) ...

==== end ====

For some reason, dpkg doesn't like it if i put bar first, then foo (e.g.
kernel first, then pcmcia).

At any rate, i just put all my locally-created debs into
/usr/local/debs, and run the following script over it whenever i add or
remove something: (you'll need dpkg-dev installed)

=== start ===

  cd /usr/local/debs
  dpkg-scanpackages . override.local > Packages
==== end ====

You'll also need to create the file 'override.local' as specified in the
dpkg-scanpackages manpage. i don't know if a 'Release' file is
necessary, i just copied one from the mirrors and changed it to suit.

Finally, i added a line to my apt sources.list:
  deb file:/usr/local/debs /

And dselect or apt-get handle the whole situation for me.

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