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RE: kernel-package concept question

> It has been suggested in a previous post that the pcmcia should have
> been left alone. Now my question is, when is it required to rebuild that?
> Only if I compile a kernel from a different source?
> At this point, I am left in a situation where I am unable to install the
> 0.2 kernel.deb because (as it seems to me) I also did the pcmcia. The
> message reads:

1) there is a debian-laptop mailing list.

2) you need to recompile pcmcia whenever you either
    a) enable or disable apm
    b) change kernel versions
    c) realize a pcmcia module needs a kernel module you left out
       this happens for pcmcia cdroms, scsi devices, etc

you did it right, the problem is dpkg is a little goofy about how it handles
the depends.  Easiest solution is to remove the pcmcia-modules package, install
the kernel, then install the new pcmcia modules package.

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