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Re: Apps Crashing a Lot

On Tue, Aug 29, 2000 at 08:37:00AM -0700, Greg Strockbine. wrote:
> I moved to Linux to get away from the
> unstability of windoze, but I get an
> awful lot of apps crashing with Linux.
> The operating system itself seems stable,
> but not the apps.

Personally, i've had much less crashing of apps under Linux than
Windows. And, i do a lot more under Linux than i could've done (without
winning the lottery, at least) under Windows.

> - netscape crashes, but I guess that's well known

Yeah, Netscape is buggy. I haven't found it too bad, but then again i
use Navigator with java disabled.

> - xmms just disappears occasionally or locks up.

Recently there was some trouble between esound and the ALSA sound
drivers that would occasionally segfault esd, which would cause xmms to
die. I've had good luck by setting xmms to delay 1 second between songs.

Also, esound 0.2.19-4 in Debian woody included a note in the changelog
that the bug was fixed.

> Updating via apt-get scares me because some packages
> update a common library (too much like over writing
> common dll's in windoze).

The difference here is that one Debian package should never overwrite a
file from another package (if they do, dpkg will either refuse or print
a warning, depending on if you're running unstable or not IIRC).

> so after updating a few packages, how do I know other
> apps are still stable if they were depending on another
> library.

Don't follow Debian unstable (or, in your case, Stormix's equivalent)?

Only rarely does a new (non-beta) version of a library break apps
compiled with the old version, and these sorts of problems are nearly
always properly handled in the package dependancies.

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