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Apps Crashing a Lot

I moved to Linux to get away from the
unstability of windoze, but I get an
awful lot of apps crashing with Linux.
The operating system itself seems stable,
but not the apps.

I'm running stormix hail, based on the latest
Debian potato release.

the crashes:
- gnome desktop totally locked up on me once.
  No idea how to get out of it except to reboot machine.
  ouch!  Too much like win98.

- gnome control center crashes a lot.
- netscape crashes, but I guess that's well known
- xmms just disappears occasionally or locks up.
- xcdroast closed each time I tried to burn a CD.
  Had to resort to windoze - god did I hate that.

Updating via apt-get scares me because some packages
update a common library (too much like over writing
common dll's in windoze).

so after updating a few packages, how do I know other
apps are still stable if they were depending on another

- greg strockbine

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