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Re: Apps Crashing a Lot

On 29, aug, 2000 at 08:37:00 -0700, Greg Strockbine. wrote:
> I moved to Linux to get away from the
> unstability of windoze, but I get an
> awful lot of apps crashing with Linux.
> The operating system itself seems stable,
> but not the apps.
I can only say that that's contrary to my experiance with Debian Potato.
> I'm running stormix hail, based on the latest
> Debian potato release.

I don't know Stormix though, maybe I should try it ... a have a spare
partition doing nothing right now. Used to be Windows, so it didn't do
much then either!

> the crashes:
> - gnome desktop totally locked up on me once.
>   No idea how to get out of it except to reboot machine.
>   ouch!  Too much like win98.

I use Helix GNOME for Woody on my Potato (+ a few extras from Woody
though), and GNOME is rock stable, and Netscape isn't that bad.
I only had one total lock up, and that was because I had updated Sawfish
while it was running, so ...

> - gnome control center crashes a lot.
> - netscape crashes, but I guess that's well known
> - xmms just disappears occasionally or locks up.
> - xcdroast closed each time I tried to burn a CD.
>   Had to resort to windoze - god did I hate that.

I can only offer you my sympathy.

> Updating via apt-get scares me because some packages
> update a common library (too much like over writing
> common dll's in windoze).

I trust the package management system nearly blindly, haven't had a
single problem with it yet the 6+ months I've run Potato.

> so after updating a few packages, how do I know other
> apps are still stable if they were depending on another
> library.

They should be, but the package maintainers can goof up.

> - greg strockbine

UNIX, reach out and grep someone!

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