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RE: Apps Crashing a Lot

On 29-Aug-2000 Greg Strockbine. wrote:
> I moved to Linux to get away from the
> unstability of windoze, but I get an
> awful lot of apps crashing with Linux.
> The operating system itself seems stable,
> but not the apps.
> I'm running stormix hail, based on the latest
> Debian potato release.
> the crashes:
> - gnome desktop totally locked up on me once.
>   No idea how to get out of it except to reboot machine.
>   ouch!  Too much like win98.

This has happened to me only once with Gnome, but lots with KDE.
What I do is telnet (or ssh) to the locked up machine from another machine,
and issue a reboot command (or telinit 1) that way.  It is better than hitting
the reboot button on the machine that is locked up.

Are you running Woody or Potato?  I am staying away from most of Woody for a
few months to a year, until it is stable.


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