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What is up with Debian 2.2 Potato ??

I bought an O'Reilly book on Debain Linux with a copy
of 2.1 in the cover.  Great learning book.  I used the
CD and was up and running in ~30 minutes.  After such
an easy install I decided to order the new 2.2 potato
"official" 4 CD set.

My CD's arrived today !!!  What a pain in the !@#$%^& to
get up and get running.  I finally gave up after three hours.

The "Welcome" screen indicates that 2.2.17 is the kernel 
version that will be used.  When I finally get to the
"Load base system" I choose the "default paths" on the CD.
/insmnt...../2.2.16 is the default??? Well, OK  lets keep
going.  Base system is loaded, modules are all picked out and
it's time to reboot the system.  Reboot.  What? can't find
/dev/ttyS0 (or S1,S2,S3)  Why not?  Debian 2.1 could find
my serial ports.  What are all these failed module 
dependencies?  The bootup is looking for /lib/modules/2.2.12 !!!
I brought up a new virtual terminal and sure enough a
uname -a shows kernel 2.2.12, but there is no /lib/modules/2.2.12
There is however a /lib/modules/2.2.17.  

I guess I paid ~$35US for nothing.  2.2.17 was promised, 2.2.16
was on the CD, 2.2.12 was loaded.  A complete mess.  I could not
find a 2.2.17 or 2.2.12 anything on any of the CD's. Why the mess
up on install?  Where/why is 2.2.16 or 2.2.12 even loaded or
mentioned when there are no files with these names on the CD's?
And before anyone asks, I did completely wipe the O'Reilly Debian
2.1 off of my HD before I started.

I was really excited to get my Debian 2.2 potato "official" CD's
I guess I got a really expensive set of coasters...........

Christopher W. Aiken, Scenery Hill, Pa, USA
chris at cwaiken dot com,   www.cwaiken.com
Preferred O/S: FreeBSD 4.0

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