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RE: Seeking Linux drivers and hardware for Barcode readers

> Any one seen, heard of, any hardware and drivers or third party drivers
> for linux OS for barcode readers.
The barcode readers we use aren't os specific.  They are
either keyboard wedges or serial devices.  There are bunches
to choose from.  The ones I have used are from Allen-Bradley
(relabeled), Compsee, and some noname box from Taiwan (came
from Tiger Direct).

There's no trick to using these things.  If you have a program
looking for input in a field on a screen, you can use a keyboard
wedge to let folks scan for input.  If you want direct input
into a noninteractive system, use the box with a serial port.
I use both.  I even read the serial ones via network by connecting
them up to a terminal server device and using socket calls to
get to it.

All of our applications are in an industrial environment.

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