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Re: What is up with Debian 2.2 Potato ??

"Christopher W. Aiken" wrote:
> I bought an O'Reilly book on Debain Linux with a copy
> of 2.1 in the cover.  Great learning book.  I used the
> CD and was up and running in ~30 minutes.  After such
> an easy install I decided to order the new 2.2 potato
> "official" 4 CD set.
where from? just curious.

> My CD's arrived today !!!  What a pain in the !@#$%^& to
> get up and get running.  I finally gave up after three hours.

thats nothin! my first debian install took almost 4 days!
day 1 - attempted install, curropted cd, spent the day trying to get
around it to no avail.
day 2 - attempted to download the distribution and install from hdd,
failed, the mirror had less then half of debian(in this case 2.0)
distribution and it took forever to figure this out.
day 3 - ordered a new cd, while used the _main_ ftp site to download the
day 4 - installed it :)

> The "Welcome" screen indicates that 2.2.17 is the kernel
> version that will be used.  When I finally get to the
> "Load base system" I choose the "default paths" on the CD.
> /insmnt...../2.2.16 is the default??? Well, OK  lets keep
> going.  Base system is loaded, modules are all picked out and
> it's time to reboot the system.  Reboot.  What? can't find
> /dev/ttyS0 (or S1,S2,S3)  Why not?  

This is the kernel not "Debian". the serial drivers are hard coded into
the kernel they don't use drivers.  There is no S2 and S3 on most
systems, S0 and S1 should be detected, it is odd that your system was
not. What kind of motherboard ? and how are the settings in the bios for
the com ports, i always hard code the settings.

> What are all these failed module
> dependencies?  The bootup is looking for /lib/modules/2.2.12 !!!
> I brought up a new virtual terminal and sure enough a
> uname -a shows kernel 2.2.12, but there is no /lib/modules/2.2.12
> There is however a /lib/modules/2.2.17.

sounds like an oreilly cd ?? when i installed their debian 2.1, the
official cds always installed 2.0.xx by default for me but oreilly
always installed 2.2.12.

> I guess I paid ~$35US for nothing.  2.2.17 was promised, 2.2.16
> was on the CD, 2.2.12 was loaded.  A complete mess.  I could not
> find a 2.2.17 or 2.2.12 anything on any of the CD's. Why the mess
> up on install?  Where/why is 2.2.16 or 2.2.12 even loaded or
> mentioned when there are no files with these names on the CD's?
> And before anyone asks, I did completely wipe the O'Reilly Debian
> 2.1 off of my HD before I started.

I don't know, sounds like a bug in the installer, they probably are not
official cds, but cds with a modified installer by oreilly(im guessing)
ive installed several test releases of potato and this never happened. 
I don't think anything changed in the boot disks that would cause
anything like this in the last setup(if anything was changed at all).

If you can, use another computer to download the kernel package for


that includes both the kernel and the modules.

> I was really excited to get my Debian 2.2 potato "official" CD's
> I guess I got a really expensive set of coasters...........

things could be a lot worse :)

good luck!


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