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Re: Win98 won't shutdown after Linux install

I had a similar problem last year, but that was when my boot sector
was on Lilo, and I had virus scanners installed. MS-DO$ and MS-
Window$ is rather posessive about the boot sector, and several
software inclusive of NDD, scandisk and related software
start giving warnings. Virus scanners scan the boot sector
during shut down and may be the cause of the problem.

These problems have all gone now after removal of Lilo
and booting through Loadlin. The Loadlin documentation
gives details about loading multiple OSs through Config.sys.

Linux is definitely more polite and does not quarrel about
posession of the boot sector. If Lilo booting is the problem
this may help


On Mon, Aug 21, 2000 at 05:29:37PM -0700, Jonathan Neufeld wrote:
> I'm a casual user of Linux and have some familiarity with several
> distributions.  I recently bought a new computer and installed Win98
> first, then paritioned the drive (using DiskDrake during a Mandrake
> install) and installed several distributions, including Debian 2.2 and
> Storm.  Since partitioning my drive, Win98 has refused to shut down
> cleanly and has given me the error "WINDOWS:  A fatal exception 0E has
> occurred at 0028:C00051EF in VXD VMM(01) + 000041EF.  The current
> application will be terminated."  After pressing any key, the screen
> reverts to a blank green background with the mouse pointer in the
> middle, but the machine is totally unresponsive.  I have to do a hard
> boot to get things going again.  None of my Linux install are affected,
> and after cleaning itself up, Win98 seems fine, too.
> I realize this is NOT a M$ support list.  But I thought I might find a
> kind soul here who has dealt with this problem or could refer me to the
> right group.  Thanks for any help offered.
> Jonathan
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