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Re: exim and multiple alias files

On Mon, Aug 21, 2000 at 01:14:55PM -0500, Brent Harding wrote
> 		Can exim handle multiple alias files? I tried switching to sendmail for
> this, but whatever I did playing with postfix to see what it was about
> before removing it, made everything halt up in mqueue under var/spool, I
> think. Mail wouldn't even go to local users, using exim fixed it, but I
> like sendmail's advanced features, so I can get majorcool going, it won't
> append majordomo aliases to /etc/aliases. It needs a file that has only
> majordomo aliases in it, so when mj_build_aliases is run from the cgi, it
> can rebuild what lists are there, using /etc/aliases would cause all my
> other aliases to go, I suppose setting up a mailing list with one user
> subscribed, the destination address would kind of fix it, but it's really
> not needed.

No problem.  Just add a second aliasfile director to /etc/exim.conf,
right after the normal aliasfile director:

  driver = aliasfile
  file_transport = address_file
  pipe_transport = address_pipe
  file = /etc/aliases.majordomo
  search_type = lsearch

That should do it.

John P.
http://www.mdt.net.au/~john Debian Linux admin & support:technical services

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