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RE: bad new large hard disk? [chirps]

Richard E. Hawkins wrote:

> This weekend, I  tried installing the 20G IBM drive I picked up on
> vacation, and I think it has serious problem s :(
> It chirps, which seems to come haveter a major (loud) move of the
> heads.  The bios can find the drive about half the time, and reports
> possible geometry choices, the least number of cylinders being 2053 or
> so.  

You could try finding and running the IBM "Drive Fitness Test".  It's
on their web site somewhere and creates a bootable DOS floppy.  You might
need Windows to do that bit.

When my 20GB IBM drive was misbehaving a few months ago I did this, and
the test told me my drive was faulty.  It's nice to be told that before
going to the trouble of sending it back.

Good luck,


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