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Re: Voodoo3 and 3D stuff

Do you know if the 3dfx module is installed?

Type 'lsmod'; the output should include a line with the string '3dfx' in
it (eg, '3dfx.o').  If not, good news!  That's your problem and it's easy
to fix!  

To fix it, find the module; mine is /lib/misc/3dfx.o, but it could be in
/lib/modules.  If you can't find it type 'dpkg -L device3dfx.deb' (or
whatever the package's name is); the module name is probably '3dfx.o', but
may be something a little different.

Then install it with 'insmod'.  If the module is /lib/misc/3dfx.o, as root
type 'insmod /lib/misc/3dfx.o'. 

If this doesn't work let us know, we *will* fix this.

On Mon, 21 Aug 2000, David Bellows wrote:

> Hello all,
> Ok, I'm at my wits end (didn't take long).  I cannot get full screen 3D
> stuff working on my Debian 2.2 box with a Voodoo3 2000.  I need help.  I
> do have it working on this same box using a different distribution, so I
> know it *can* work.  Here's what I've done:
> 1.  Installed all the mesa and glide stuff that I can find on the CDs
> keeping an eye out for 3dfx and voodoo3.  Anyone know specifically what
> I need?
> 2.  I have device3dfx.deb installed but can do nothing with it (what do
> I do with it?)
> 3.  I have /dev/3dfx with the proper permissions.
> 4.  I installed and compiled the mesa demos and get the following error
> (after setting the MESA_GLX_whatever to fullscreen) "gd error (glide):
> Can't find or access Banshee/V3 board" (even as root). 
> 5.  Ok, in Unreal Tournament on my other distribution I used the setting
> for the GlideRender device and it worked perfectly.  It segfaults on
> Debian.  Using the SDLGLDrv gets UT to start, but the mouse moves once
> every 5 seconds and no video comes up and when I manage to tell it to
> load a game it segfaults.
> I guess I need fairly explicit directions on what to do. Sorry. 
> Thanks,
> David Bellows
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